Sex Education or Promoting Sex?

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By: Jeanine Vecchiarelli (Jeanine is a parent and resident in the Clarkstown School District)

Recently a former Ramapo High School teacher ran afoul of the law by giving a sexually explicit book to a high school girl.  The ex-teacher was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, among other things.

Meanwhile, Clarkstown high school students are reading a book that contains all kinds of sexually explicit episodes, including graphic depictions of heterosexual and homosexual encounters, forced oral sex, masturbation, and bestiality.  But there is no outcry from the masses in Clarkstown, because this book (which I will not name, to deny it undeserved publicity) is part of the high school English curriculum.  According to the Clarkstown Schools Supervisor, it was added in an effort to develop the students into well rounded citizens of a global society.  Am I missing something here?

East Ramapo Health teacher Diane Schneider recently spoke on behalf of the National Education Association when she addressed the United Nations Council on Women’s Issues.  Ms. Schneider spoke of the necessity of implementing MANDATORY classes for ALL MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS to learn about oral sex, masturbation and orgasm, in order to shape them into well rounded, tolerant citizens.  The NEA is undoubtedly working closely with our nation’s Safe Schools Czar, a very determined official who is militantly pursuing the full spectrum sexualization of our children as early as Kindergarten.  Is the addition of this book to the Clarkstown high school curriculum part of a broader, nationwide agenda?  I believe that it is.  And it is SHAMEFUL.

I’ll stipulate here that I am against banning books.  And I am not necessarily against the behaviors depicted in this particular novel.  But making it part of a school curriculum suggests societal approval and maybe even encouragement to a generation of minors who are mostly too young and immature to fully comprehend all the ramifications of engaging in these behaviors at such a tender age.  Can this be a reason we are seeing so many behavioral problems, including depression and attempted suicide among our young adults?

I attended high school back in the 1970s, when schools taught the subjects they were originally charged to teach.  Even so, I remember multiple instances of open, frank discussions between teachers and students covering virtually every sexual situation depicted in this book.  The vast majority of my generation grew into citizens who are very open, accepting and tolerant.  Hence, I would classify those old teachers’ efforts as successful.  It may amaze many Clarkstown residents to learn that those old teachers accomplished their objective without relying on a single pornographic prop.  Are we to believe that the quality and abilities of today’s teachers have so degraded that they are no longer capable of accomplishing the same objective without having to rely on pornographic props like this book?

In reality, we are witnessing an undeniable effort to destroy our society via the complete breakdown of its moral fabric.  I attended a meeting last week where the book issue was addressed.  I was astonished by the “useful idiocy” on display that night.  A stream of high school students who are CLUELESS about how they are being used proudly marched to the microphones and proclaimed, “What’s the big deal??  We’re doing all that stuff anyway!”  Their parents sat in the audience with other adults, cheering them on!  Some even spoke in support of what the kids said.  Anyone who dared to speak against the book was heckled.

All these proud global citizens need to revisit our UNREVISED history.  Our nation is NOT a secular society.  It was founded on Judeo-Christian principles; it is upon these principles that our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution are based.  If we lose our founding principles, we will lose our society.  And with it will go our entire nation.

Parents, get OFF your duffs and take the responsibility that is yours as parents:  to be the primary progenitors of this information to your children.  School officials were never meant to be the primary source in these matters.  If you abdicate your responsibility, you forfeit your right to complain when something goes wrong, or to place blame elsewhere when this nation that you purport to love ceases to exist.

As for our high school kids, if they want to read this stuff, fine.  Let them do so on their own time.  They should NOT be reading it during class, as part of a school curriculum.

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  1. Why do we have to stipulate anything banning the books from school that sexualize children of any age should be the school policy. Pretty soon they will dropping the legal age for sex to 14 years old just like certain European Countries. I say anyone that authorized that book and any teacher that brought that book into the classroom setting for our kids to read should be brought up on charges. This is not about banning books it’s about stopping the liberal agenda that does nothing good for this country……MJ

    By ...............MJ on Mar 27, 2011

  2. What an out rage!

    By Carl Gottstein Jr. on Mar 27, 2011

  3. Dear Mrs. Vecchiarelli:

    You have masterfully articulated your points and I hardly think ayone can expound upon them. Sexuality and the desire or interest in
    sexual relations is inherent in the development of young people. An interest that lasts throughout one’s lifetime. The point I’m driving at is that schools are a reflection of the family and not the other way around. Now, I’m not implying that parents are demanding that the schools expose their children to such Trash…or do they? When it comes to ”parenting” you’ll find that the majority of parents claim to be very conservative in the boundaries they place on their children. Or do they? Take a look around and see all the teenage girls ”dating” (dating is society’s euphemism for having Intercourse…which is fine for adults but not for children) young men old enough to be charged with statutory Rape, all done under the guise of ”dating” and to the ”blind eyes” of their parents. Parents know darn well that their sons and daughters are engaging in sexual intercourse and don’t do a damned thing about it. Yet the book in question (which I am against) and others like it stirs complete outrage in the community. These same parents turn a blind eye to the drugs and drinking as well. Let’s foucus on our ”Homes” and our schools will take care of themselves. After all, our Teachers are the products of our Homes.

    By Joseph S. Lento on Mar 27, 2011

  4. Sadly, I must agree with you, Joseph. In fact, it was the “useful idiot” parents cheering on their kids at that meeting that ultimately drove me to compose this editorial. If parents retake control of this all important aspect of child rearing, the schools’ role would be diminished to virtual insignificance. I see it with my own kids. They are not affected in any way by the indoctrination efforts in their schools. They possess well rooted morality, and the strength to turn their backs on what they know is wrong. Nevertheless, I don’t want them having to sit through lessons of this nature, and be told they cannot opt out.


    By Jeanine Vecchiarelli on Mar 27, 2011

  5. Jeanine is right on the money. The NEA has become a radical agenda group that has lost touch with its core mission. The only reason this has gone this far is because parents have allowed it. It only takes one good man or one good woman to stand up and say “no” to absurdity and yes to common sense.

    By Nassau County Civic Assoc. on Mar 29, 2011

  6. Are you Clarkstown parent’s?
    Or, perhaps grad’s from this school system?
    Did you read the entire novel, or just parts of it?
    Yes, many of us “idiot parents” clapped at the statements made by students that will be attending ivy school’s…because they were well spoken, and had read the novel.
    I am proud to say that I am one of those “idiot parents”. I did, in fact, read the entire novel…along with many other selections on the ‘banned” list.
    Did you?
    I am also a product of this school system, and just an FYI…the district was always open-minded like this.

    By Clarkstown Parent on Apr 6, 2011

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