Yes!! Bob Turner for Congress

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(Editor’s Note:  Hands down, I support Bob Turner for Congress 2011.  Bob Turner was endorsed at in the 2010 election, where he received a tough 41% of the vote. Voters in the district are gleefully swarming behind him now because Bob Turner is perfect for the position, and I am sure he can do this, with our help.  Please consider making a secure donation to Bob Turner for Congress here.  Thank you. )

Congressional District Nine representing parts of Queens and Kings County, New York, has been held hostage by the Democrat Party since 1923.  Democrat Anthony Weiner held the position since 1999 until he resigned on June 21, after inadvertently sending a nude Twitter feed.  To fill the open seat a special election has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 13.  Republican Bob Turner has the endorsement of the Republican and Conservative Parties respectively, and New York State Assemblyman (District 24) David Weprin has the endorsement of the Democrat Party.

Finally the district has the opportunity to elect a conservative, cut costs approach – minded, family man and entrepreneur in Bob Turner, who has the business smarts and new ideas needed to make meaningful changes to the way Washington D.C. does business.  If we learned anything the past two years, we learned that Democrat officials, who cling to their “tax the rich” slogans and “greedy oil” assertions, are failing the U.S. economy two Stimulus packages in a row, via progressive, Keynesian style economics.

Bob Turner on the other hand, says America cannot keep making the same mistakes.

“We must look at the totality of the three issues: economy, unemployment and deficit.  The discussion is how we affect the economy and attack government’s spending problem.  For every $1 we spend, we borrow $.40 which will be paid back by future generations.  Raising taxes inevitably restricts job growth, and taxes cannot reduce the deficit.  I am prepared to tackle these issues.”   Bob Turner

Two important endorsements

Republican Congressman Peter King of Nassau County “throws his weight behind Bob Turner” as reported in Forest Hills Patch:

“Bob Turner is a businessman who knows what it takes to create jobs,” King said. “He is a staunch supporter of Israel and an independent voice for fiscal reason. He will bring to Washington common sense and a can-do business perspective.” Congressman Peter King

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch endorses Bob Turner for Congress as reported in the Queens Gazette:

“Citing businessman Bob Turner’s unwavering support for Israel and his political independence, lifelong Democrat and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has crossed party lines to endorse Turner, the Republican/Conservative candidate for the 9th Congressional District.”

Career politician-Weprin slams Tea Party

“I’m not a politician. I’m a businessman and an ordinary citizen just like you. My platform is based on sound economic principles. I know we need more independent minded people in Congress who will stop the unsustainable spending and help create real jobs for Americans.  There should be no place in our government for tax and spend career politicians like my opponent, David Weprin a lifetime rubberstamp for the Democratic agenda.” Bob Turner

Indeed, David Weprin is the epitome of a career politician, who plays the blame game at every turn.  First try and search “David Weprin for.  . .” and you will find the following options David Weprin for “Congress” – “Comptroller”- “Assembly” – “City Council” – and the list goes on.  Then read obnoxious blame the Tea Party for the Nation’s credit downgrade rant in a Weprin press release issued on August 6, which says in part:

“Republican Tea Party extremists brought this upon the nation with their outrageous and irresponsible demands.  They held the world economy hostage to their demands to end Medicare and Social Security, and this downgrade is the consequence of their dangerous game that played chicken with the world economy.” David Weprin

I have to laugh at loud at what David says here because it is so NOT true.  I am also having a difficult time understanding who on earth could believe such nonsense. RO

Vote for Bob Turner on September 13

The contrast between the two candidates cannot be greater, both on a character level and a substantive one.  Never would Mr. Turner address a group of law abiding, freedom loving, Americans exercising their first amendment rights to peacefully assemble, in the same manner Mr. Weprin has.  Weprin is a sycophant for left wing policies that are anti-growth, bad for the economy, and anti-Constitution, that is what the Tea Party has been saying all along, and what Bob Turner is prepared to battle.

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  1. Bob Turner is terrific! He is a real gentleman, a voice of sanity and fiscal responsibility, and a strong supporter of American security and our ally Israel. America and the 9th Congressional District need Bob’s voice in Congress!

    By Liz Berney, Esq. on Aug 8, 2011

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