What is Agenda 21?

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by: Mark A. Joppa (Mark is a tea party enthusiast in the Hudson Valley, NY.)

Agenda 21 as defined by the United Nations:

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.

Sounds almost harmless doesn’t it?  But there is one major flaw, it is totally Unconstitutional and goes hand in hand with the “One World Government“ way of  thinking.  Here in the United States the environmentalists have been working tirelessly over the last 2 decades to slowly but surely implement Agenda 21 across the nation without people even realizing it.

I could make this a short article and just say they want to create a no human habitation zone right through the middle of the United States Of America, but that will not be enough to get people out of their chairs and fight.

The power players that have been implementing this are just like terrorists, they have a huge war chest of money and a huge amount of support from people like George Soros and a host of globalists willing to bleed you dry until they get their way.  There is no compromising and there is no deviation from their ultimate goal of making us live the way they want us to live; and they truly think they are doing godlike work and this will save us and the planet from destruction (sounds like Islam to me).

Link here to read Agenda 21 in full:


In Paragraph 1 of the preamble to Agenda 21, the designers discuss  disparities of nations and inequalities of health and poverty,  but fail to disclose that noble causes are best suited for charities, not Governments.

In Paragraph 2, they discuss the need to take a balanced and integrated approach to environment and development questions, which is explained in paragraph 3.

In Paragraph 3, it says that from the highest levels of government to local groups, supporters will be needed to implement its worldwide agenda. Something which the Obama Admin has already started to put in place across the United States with the creation of another Unconstitutional Order #13575 of the Rural Council.

What is the Rural Council?

It is an agency unlike any other Agency in the Government. The head of the Agricultural Dept. will chair the Council which members include the heads of the following Departments: Dept. Of the Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, the E.P.A., Federal Communication Commission, the O.B.M., the Office of Science and Technology, the Council of Economic Advisers,Domestic Policy Council, the S.B.A, Council on Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs and finally the White House Office of Cabinet Affairs.

Just look at the range of Governmental offices involved! Anytime we get that much power in one place, nothing good can come from it. The Government can not get the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. on the same page, how are they going to persuade 26 Governmental entities to be on the same page too? Maybe that is by design, following the money may be impossible, the Rural Council is the most powerful group ever put together.

In Paragraph 4, they indicate that developmental and environmental objectives of Agenda 21 will require a substantial flow of new and additional financial resources to developing countries. In other words, the United States Taxpayer is going to have to kick in boatloads of money into a giant worldwide wealth redistribution plan all under the control and direction of the United Nations.

In Paragraph 5, they discuss how they will divide the money on the basis of need.

In Paragraph 6, the implementation of the plan is laid out in the Rio Declaration.  A plan put together by the same environmentalists that promote the Kyoto Treaty, income redistribution, and so called green jobs.

The long term goal of Agenda 21 is to control where we reside, what we do, and how we do it.  Tax us via a United Nations Tax, and create a “One World Government” in charge of  our energy input and output.  Indeed, the Constitution, freedom, and our way of life is at jeopardy.

For those that have never heard of Agenda 21, or those that have and did not know what it really is, I hope this article is a wake up call!

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  1. The organizational vehicle for Agenda 21 in the U.S. is an organization called ICLEI. ICLEI promotes Agenda 21 without using that phrase, because ICLEI has learned that Americans recoil from Agenda 21. And if you contact ICLEI, they deny they are promoting Agenda 21 or that member organizations are required to endorse any of the international positions or policies of ICLEI. But the fact is that ICLEI’s substantial international clout and legitimacy comes from its membership list of local governments. After 1st Pres Bush signed Agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, Nancy Pelosi, among others, tried to get the U.S. Congress to ratify it. The House of Representatives did, but the U.S. Senate did not, because they realized in time the aspects of Agenda 21 which contradict our U.S. Constitution and the free market capitalist system. President Clinton then implemented Agenda 21 administratively, under another name by creating the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. In the late 90s, various departments of the US government adopted and began to implement various aspects of Agenda 21 under the label of promoting sustainability. This effort continues to date. The Town of Bedford, for example, joined ICLEI several years in order to obtain computer software to count carbon emissions. Result? Bedford is now listed as one of the many municipality members of ICLEI on the ICLEI website. That membership list is what gives ICLEI its international legitimacy to advocate for the main features of Agenda 21: redistribution of wealth from developed nations to undeveloped nations; international regulation of nations in the name of “sustainability” which trumps the laws of nations; legal authority of international institutions (centered in and around the U.N.) to regulate virtually every aspect of human existence. Google ICLEI, find the list of members, and hopefully your town isn’t there. If your town or county is a member, then your town or county has a foreign policy, namely ICLEI’s international agenda, which differs from the foreign policy of the U.S. Does anyone think that town boards were elected to promote a foreign policy for their town?

    By H Robinson on Jun 6, 2012

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