Stand on Principle or Stand for Nothing

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(I support the principles and ideas behind the Republican Party 100%.  Nine out of ten times I will vote for the Republican on Election Day. I believe that exposing and removing corruption within- strengthens the Party. For full disclosure, I am a registered Conservative and member of Ulster County Conservative Party Committee.)

New York State Republicans need to take a step back, reorganize, re-staff, and look at what is staring them in the face:  A national Republican revolution stemming from the Tea Party movement; Americans are fed up with high taxes and wasteful government spending and have taken to the streets in protest.

The Tea Party movement, no doubt, contributed to a successful 2010 election, majority win for Republicans to the U.S. Congress, however instead of utilizing this trend, Republican leaders in New York State are turning a blind eye to good, Tea Party candidates, in favor of the “Good Old Boys” entitled ones, and in many cases are losing elections for it.

The rumor is Republican leaders are not interested in “Tea Party” candidates, moving forward.  Some say the brand is stained and its members too kooky (I’ll agree in part).  Yet, Tea Party candidates are as good as “Republican” ones or “Independent” ones or “Democrat” or “Conservative” ones; all groups have its real and its unreal candidates; people who are statesmen and those who pretend to be.  It’s up to the voters to decipher the difference.  Some Party leaders would like to make that decision for us; and they do this by discouraging primaries and muscling candidates out of races.

NY – Congressional District 26

Combat Veteran and Marine, David Bellavia, the true Tea Party candidate of 2010 was geared up to run for Congress, with plenty of grassroots, Tea Party support, but Republican leadership asked David to back off and wait until next time rather than run a primary against their chosen candidate, Christopher Lee.  David Bellavia did as they asked.  Mr. Lee when on to win the election, but was forced to resign in early February 2011, due to a personal scandal.

Thereafter, David Bellavia expressed a desire to run for the seat in the special election that ensued.   The Republican Party rejected David once again and began a smear campaign against him, propping their chosen and entitled candidate, State Assemblywoman, Jane Corwin, who would later lose to the Democrat.

Now, if the Republican leadership had given the opportunity for the voters to decide, my bet is that David Bellavia would have won the primary in 2010, won the election, and we would not be in the predicament we are in.  Primaries matter because it takes the decision making process to Party members – where it should be.

Westchester County – Board of Legislators District 2

Navy Veteran, and founder of Hudson Valley Patriots, Lisa Douglas, is about as “Republican” as we’re going to get.  Lisa’s popular, daily e-Newsletter is viewed by thousands of people across America, who are converted to Republican ideas of personal responsibility and limited government every day because of Lisa’s words of wisdom.  Yet, when Lisa Douglas decides to run for County Legislator, Party leaders ask her to back off and wait — for they have a candidate who is entitled.

Lisa Douglas has respectfully declined and will be petitioning primary voters for their support.  (Good for you, Lisa!)  In fact, Lisa tells us today that the convention held by Party leadership on June 2 was a farce, and indeed they didn’t even pretend to make it fair.

“At the Republican Convention this week the Agenda was printed up with Michaelis as the declared winner. Not one vote was taken, not one speech given, but Michaelis was the winner? I think that’s pretty unethical don’t you? I don’t know who did the agenda but I find it awfully unsettling that the process, that you and I depend on, was that skewed.”  Lisa Douglas

Ulster County Republicans

Robin Yess resigned as GOP chair of Ulster County on May 15.  This is a big loss for the Republican Party because Robin Yess is smart, dedicated and competent; a sincere asset to the Party.  The corruption that she witnessed first- hand is so much so, she could no longer participate in a process that is not reflective of Republican Party principles.  Robin Yess decided that she can have more success moving the electorate to Republican perspectives working outside of the Party confines. (Good for you, Robin!)

“I am a Republican because I support limited and smaller government…it seems the ‘Good Old Boys’ are always fighting me, working behind the scenes going out of their way to make me look bad, diminish my authority or make my efforts fail…I have come to realize that I am wasting my time working to support a Party that clearly does not share the same principles and values as I do.”

“When a former County Republican Chairman speaks at the Republican Caucus on 4/12/11 and promotes the idea of continuing a county run nursing home, we have a problem. When five of our Republican legislators want to vote in favor of building a new nursing home, spending money we don’t have and imminently raising taxes, we have a problem.” Robin Yess


Get involved and active in your local government, by becoming Party leaders, running for office, or supporting an individual who shares our concerns and reflects our values.  Our representatives ought to be setting forth an agenda that speaks for us.  Make a difference by calling out the corruption when we see it and working our tails off to remove it.

There is absolutely too much game playing, back slapping, entitlement candidates, and bullying happening in New York State by the Republican Party that something has to stop it, or watch the Republican Party drown in the Hudson River – guaranteed.

To all Republican voters: Pay attention to primaries and the activities of our leadership; they’re not always looking out for us.  No person is entitled to a position.  The voters decide elections in Primaries and on Election Day.  Do me a favor and remind them every chance you get.

11 Responses for “Stand on Principle or Stand for Nothing”

  1. BRAVO!


    Raquel you tell truth to power!

    By Carl Jr. on Jun 2, 2011

  2. I stand with Raquel.

    By Carl Jr. on Jun 2, 2011

  3. As I said it angers me we have to waste our resources to destroy the Republican part before we can move on and destroy the the Demacrats. Make the Repulicans pay by making the fight primary battles until they are broke challenge everyone eveywhere bleed them dry.Will Rep. Hayworth come out in support of Lisa…..MJ

    By Mark Joppa on Jun 2, 2011

  4. Isn’t it time for all registered Conservative Party members to simply re-register and infuse their influence in the New York Republican Party? If you are that critical about a party that you do not belong to, the best thing to do would be to run and support your own candidates and put your opposition into minority status.

    By daniel on Jun 3, 2011

  5. Danny, you sound like Chance. :-)

    Even though I am a registered Conservative, I am also involved in Republican Party politics, as you know. I am a tax payer and a voter entitled to scrutinize any political party, whether I am a member or not. The CP serves its purpose and really work with the GOP in many cases. I have a loyalty to the Conservative Party which was the Party that enticed me into politics in the first place.

    By Raquel on Jun 4, 2011

  6. I am a Repub district leader in Bedford. That translates to gruntwork specialist – carrying petitions for candidates, making phone calls for candidates, leafletting at train stations, etc. We never have enough volunteers to do these things We welcome interested Repub newcomers at our meetings If “tea partiers” don’t join the fun, that’s their decision not to participate, not our decision to exclude. Where are you? Show up if you want to pitch in.

    You criticize last May’s district leader vote for Michaelis over Douglas as a farce. FYI, it was this same procedure that made Kieran Lalor (you have endorsed him for NYS Assembly) the Repub congressional candidate against John Hall in 2008. Lalor defeated Joe Dioguardi and George Oros in a vote by Repub district leaders you now criticize. Joe and George decided not to primary Lalor – does that mean Lalor’s selection was a farce or voters were disenfranchised? I don’t think so I worked hard on Lalor’s 2008 campaign and wish that more Repubs had seen fit to do so.

    Michaelis was the winner on the agenda, because he had already won. Many district leaders voted by proxy before the meeting, so the majority result was known ahead of time. Ms. Douglas interviewed local town committees prior to the meeting referred to in the article above, had her chance to impress, made her presentation, and, sorry, district leaders voted for Michaelis as the stronger candidate. Who said what to her about stepping aside, I don’t know. But what i do know is the same procedure which benefited Lalor in 2008 is the procedure that selected Michaelis.

    Was it Woody Allen who said something like, “95% of life is showing up.” If people want to get involved in local politics, then show up, join in, help out. Sitting on the sidelines just helps the Dems we oppose. Obviously, not all Repubs agree about everrything. But you can’t persuade anyone to your view if you never show up and participate. If Repubs divide and conquer themselves, or withdraw from the process altogether, they are doing exactly what Dems want and pray they will do and are marching to the Dem tune.

    For my part, here’s hoping that, whatever happens in the primary, Ms. Douglas and her supporters will stay involved in Repub party matters and show up and pitch in with their local committees.

    By h robinson on Sep 6, 2011

  7. Just for the record h robinson, I disagree with your points with respect to Lisa. In fact, you have it backwards, Lisa is in the community, she is the one organizing meaningful changes for the taxpayer not the party leaders. Lisa Douglas is the one to be applauded.

    She is competent, formidable, and on the road to victory on Sept. 13. Lisa Douglas exemplifies the citizen spokesperson. When it’s up to the voters, you’ll see, Lisa will win. Yay!! Go Lisa!!

    By Raquel on Sep 6, 2011

  8. I have 2 points to make.

    1…Is a republican a real republican if he gives $1,000.00 to help get elected the worse Democrat that ever sat in the oval office. If you have been put out of work or in jeopardy of losing your home because you don’t have an income, in a small part you can thank Peter Michaelis. He contributed $1,000.00 toward that effort.

    2…The Tea party is very involved. In 2010 one of the most dedicated and fiscally conservative republicans wanted to run for state assembly but the party machine tried stop him. He forced a primary and with the support of the grass roots became the republican candidate. When he ran against the Democrat in the general election he got zero help form the party. We, the grass roots people stood behind him, gave him money, knocked on doors and printed his palm cards in our homes to make his election a reality. Today Dr Steve Katz is one of the most respected and dedicated Tea Party elected officials in NYS. He has done everything he said he would in Albany. He came home to us and told us the truth about what is happening up there. Dr Katz is not interested in getting reelected next year. He is not interested in getting his friends and relatives jobs in the government. He is interested in doing what is right for the people of the state on a daily bases. He is an inspiration to all Tea Party members who will follow him into elected office. Let me tell you here and now, Lisa Douglas will be in White Planes what Steve Katz is in Albany.

    By Howard Hellwinkel on Sep 6, 2011

  9. Howland, while many of us are political newcomers but that is not to say that we haven’t been working hard over the past year and a half carrying petitions, making, distributing, and hanging signs, organizing and dialing at call centers, setting up debates, attending and speaking at rallies and on the floor of the BOL, meeting with elected officials, writing letters to the papers, going to train stations, walking door-to-door with candidates and without, and doing whatever we can to support candidates that represent real change, not more of the same.

    Primaries are good, maybe not for the candidates, but for the voters. And while Lisa Douglas did get the endorsements of two of the committees in District 2, Somers and North Salem, if the recent state assembly and senate races are an indicator, the party committee-endorsed candidates, Jim Borkowski and Mary Beth Murphy, each lost to the candidates who ran without the establishment support, Steve Katz and Greg Ball.

    Yours truly,
    Robin Murphy

    By Robin Murphy on Sep 6, 2011

  10. I too am a District Leader for the GOP in Westchester. I am a proud Republican and huge Lisa Douglas Supporter. I just love the thought of a true citizen legislator! In fact I won some sort of prize at the Lincoln Day Westchester GOP breakfast in the Spring as one of the most enthusiastic District Leaders. Howland…the way I see it (and many others) is that the Westchester GOP apparatus is broken. We want a GOP that values choice and the primary process. Not a party of “insiders” career political types…Far too much patronage going on currently.
    Let’s just review a quick sampling of what GOP Establishment has given us the registered republican electorate as recent “endorsed candidates”…Jim Russell (twice), Paul Wasserman (D), Jim Borkowski (WF), Mary Beth Murphy… Those that were not an utter embarrassment went on to get trounced by the voters in primary challenges by Katz and Ball. This illustrates the clear disconnect between the party establishment and the party voters. The elections are the proof. Peter Michaels will be facing many of these same registered republican voters. With Peter’s $1000.00 donation to Barack Obama and $1,500.00 donation to the liberal Forward Together PAC (and probably worse his reasoning that a “close friend” asked him to do this as a favor) Michaelis will probably find difficulty getting past these primary voters who rejected both Murphy & Borkowski for similar optics.
    Many of us take seriously that we have “Fight the Left and Clean up the Right” mantra. I believe that is an Erick Erickson quote.
    In so many ways this primary race is much bigger than Peter Michaelis.
    The voters will have the final say. I believe right now the voters will prefer a NON-OBAMA donating candidate! But that’s just me….And one who sent so many of her Hudson Valley Patriots to assist on so many campaigns last cycle. The woman who rented buses to Washington DC several times to involve locals in national politics, the countless local education forums she hosted for information about candidates to group study class of the Constitution, She brought Dick Armey, the FreedomWorks CEO to Brewster for her “Give Us Liberty” rally, The woman who went to both John Hall and Nita Lowey’s offices to confront activist, the letters she sent to the papers before she was running for office… I can go on and on.
    Lisa Douglas is the person of ACTION not someone who’s turn it is….

    By Gary Murphy on Sep 6, 2011

  11. Just for the record I am a Republican Committeeman in North Salem therefore I too am a ‘gruntwork specialist’. Guess that doesn’t matter. My involvement locally is out there – regardless is some choose to ignore it. Additionally – anyone can paint a picture to work in their favor. The truth is just the truth but sometimes gets overlooked b/c it doesn’t work for one’s personal agenda. People in the know know exactly how the interview process went (and didn’t go with 2 town committees for it was a done deal)…again, that doesn’t matter. In truth I really don’t care about what the insiders think/believe/put out there b/c it’s all nonsense. Our Party is in trouble and if we keep voting in the ‘establishment’s choice’ we will keep having more of the same. It’s really that simple. Westchester can not afford more of the same country club leadership – on either side – sorry!

    By Lisa Douglas on Sep 7, 2011

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