Carl Gottstein Jr. to the Rescue

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(Tina Price-Gottstein and Carl Gottstein Jr. at Drill Now Rally, Albany, New York)

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. ~ Abraham Lincoln

The timing is right. The candidate – a dream. The conditions are set. All that has to happen now is for Rensselaer County Republicans to elect Patriot Carl Gottstein Jr. as their Chairman, and the whole State of New York wins.


Because Carl Gottstein Jr. embodies the base of the Republican Party; the conservative, tea party message, that screams the voters are fed up, pissed off, and tired of the waste, fraud and game playing that exists in government. Carl Gottstein Jr. has the knowledge and know-how to get good Republicans elected to office and guaranteed, given the opportunity, will move mountains for Rensselaer Republicans.

But Gottstein did not start out that way.  In fact his story begins as a Democrat. “Born into Bondage” is how Carl describes it in his uniquely, colorful way.  His family members are retired Public Union workers and served within the Democrat Party as working class party supporters.  So joining the Democrat Party was a natural move for Gottstein, who worked the party ranks and was elected Deputy Ward Leader in the 3rd ward of the City of Albany in 1992.

This insider’s look into the world of New York’s Democrat Party, provides an edge to Carl other Republicans do not possess, and is essential in electing “real deal” Republicans in Rensselaer County.

“The Democrat Party and Public Unions are intractably connected. Together, they seek to enslave the human spirit and the levers of power. The purpose is to control the contracts and spending and campaign cash! Within the unions there also exists this caste system. There is no incentive to step outside the box and exceed the minimum required effort. Most workers become essentially unmotivated lemmings who subscribe to the bosses ‘go along, get along’ Democrat philosophy.” Carl Gottstein Jr.

Carl Gottstein Jr. says the Democrat Party is bankrupting New York State; and details a four tier feudal system, as follows:

Top Tier – 1st Class:  Those born to privilege;

Middle Tier – 2nd Class:  The sycophant “go along get along” co conspirators;

Lower Tier – 3rd Class:  The United States working class; and

Bottom Tier – 4th Class: Those who are “underprivileged.”

“They are all supported by tax dollars and are encouraged to pay for it with their vote.”  Carl Gottstein Jr.

In 1993, history remembers Carl Gottstein Jr. as the indispensable man responsible for the election of Jerry Jennings in the city of Albany. As a campaign volunteer, Gottstein stood up to the intimidation tactics of Albany’s feared “Democrat Machine.” “Off the floor” outside the New York State Senate chamber, Gottstein demanded and received the support of then State Senator Howard Nolan on behalf of Jennings.

Senator Nolan publicly called out self anointed mayoral candidate Harold Joyce for attempting to strong arm Gottstein.  He cited Harold’s fear and intimidation tactics as the primary reason for his endorsement of Jerry for Mayor. Within days of this endorsement, the primary election was held. Harold Joyce went from a sure winner (up 30+ points) only days prior to a remarkable and unexpected loss, Jerry Jennings became Mayor. The margin of difference was all contained in the 3rd ward, Carl’s ward.  (Go get-em Carl!)

Ultimately, Carl Gottstein Jr. would leave the Democrat Party and join the Independence Party, after realizing the Democrats did not reflect his values.

Within the Independence Party confines, Gottstein served as Chairman of the 3rd Judicial District selection committee. When Carl was faced with a choice between two GOP women or more of the same, he chose the GOP women and organized the Independence Party effort that led to GOP candidates Victoria Graffo and Mary Donahue taking the bench.  Gottstein would prove successful in getting conservative judges elected, but it cost him his party position, since Carl’s choices were against the will of his liberal Chairman.

The Republican Party

Carl Gottstein Jr. has lived and breathed GOP politics for the past eight years. Gottstein is often a ‘go to guy’ for politicos in Rensselaer County, across the State and Nation.  Gottstein has worked his tail off helping Republicans.  He was nominated by Albany Republicans and accepted their nomination for County Coroner in 2005.  In this capacity, Carl helped make it so that a family in a time of crisis could leave their infant at a hospital with no questions asked in Albany County. (Well done, Carl!)

Carl Gottstein Jr. is the former Chairman of the City of Rensselaer GOP Committee and was Republican and Conservative Party nominee for Governor 2010, Carl Paladino’s first choice to direct his GOP Rensselaer County operation.  Gottstein helped deliver a huge primary victory effort in Rensselaer County for Carl Paladino.

Carl Gottstein Jr. has surfaced as an outspoken Tea Party leader across the State and Nation.  He is pulling in volunteers of all stripes who see Carl as motivated, bold and necessary in our freedom loving movement. Our movement relies on people like Gottstein who are unafraid to speak out and have the skills needed to promote our message.  Without talented people like Carl involved, much of the Tea Party message does not get around, and everyone loses.

“Our vision is one of low taxes, less government regulation, and much less corruption.  I believe in a strong moral compass that provides the wind beneath our wings, and is necessary for humanity to succeed.  I support the pro-life, pro-traditional marriage platform of the Republican Party 100%. We are in a full scale revolt against politicians who seek to rip apart the social fabric of society. I am ready, able and willing to motivate the base to turn out for Republican candidates.” Carl Gottstein Jr.

In my humble opinion?  Carl should be organizing full time for the Republican Party. – RO

(Carl Gottstein Jr. and Raquel Okyay at pro-traditional marriage rally, Albany, New York.)

Poised for a win

Carl Gottstein Jr. is prepared to take his unbending search for truth to the next level, Rensselaer County GOP Chairman. Because of his unique background, Gottstein has the capability to create a synergy between Republicans, Independents, Conservatives and Tea Party activists like no other potential leader can.

Carl to the rescue? Yes, Yes, and Yes. Just what the New York GOP needs!

Editor’s Note: Carl Gottstein Jr. is my political guru, personal friend, and sometime body guard; my support for him is literally unending. Good luck Carl, I hope you win.

5 Responses for “Carl Gottstein Jr. to the Rescue”

  1. Wow Raquel, what a remarkable endorsement!!

    By Voiceo'Reason on Jul 6, 2011

  2. Great article and my best to the Citizens and Mr. Gottstein’s advocacy on their behalf. We need many more such advocates!!

    By Joseph S. Lento on Jul 6, 2011

  3. I don’t know Carl but I have to say the simple fact a Conservative Party member endorses him should be reason enough to disqualify him. Also I’m not certain I trust someone whose core ideology changes so often he has to constantly switch political parties. Or did he switch for political gain?

    Party leaders shouldn’t be playing nice with the other parties. If I vote to elect someone chairman I expect them to punch the other parties in the face so those other parties know we don’t want them getting comfortable with their existence. It is about electing Republicans not making the Independence or Conservative Party members happy.

    In fact if Carl won’t publicly say he will work to kill off those two parties die during his term then he shouldn’t be elected.

    By Chance Haywood on Jul 6, 2011

  4. Thank you Raquel. I am floored by your faith and wonderful words. From your mouth to Gods ears. Its so nice to be so completely understood for once. My whole family was taken by your obvious and deeply felt respect for my life of Citizen activism. That sentiment is not lost on this rough an tumble Patriot. I am truly touched by your ringing endorsement. I thank you from my heart<3 Raquel! WE Fight 4 Life! Carl G.

    By Carl Jr. on Jul 6, 2011

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